Photographs by Dániel Németh, László Mudra and Balázs Mohai

Capa Grand Prize Hungary

The Robert Capa Photography Grand Prize Hungary was founded in 2014 by the Capa Center in Budapest. The €15,000 prize is annually awarded to a Hungarian photographer who works in any branch of photography, has been established professionally, and demonstrates a proven track record of outstanding talent. The Capa Center established the prize to emphasize its commitment to the creation of new artworks that enrich our society. The fellowships and the prize aim at furthering the development of the artists, and encouraging their future experimentation.

The awarding process is based on application and is divided into two parts, a paid fellowship and a cash prize that is decided by two separate independent juries of five renowned Hungarian and international professionals. In the first stage of the contest, the jury awards fellowships to three applicants, who continue working on their projects for the following year according to their submitted synopsis. At the end of the year the fellows present their finished work to the jury in person at a joint public exhibition in the Capa Center. Then, the jury awards the grand prize to one of the three fellows.

István Virágvölgyi is the secretary of the Capa Grand Prize. He oversees the whole awarding process and represents the Capa Center in all stages and aspects of the prize.

Capa Grand Prize Hungary's website

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